ELCO Systems 
Hybrid Var Compensator (HVC)

Solution from ELCO System AHF module combines with detuned capacitors & traditional magnetic contactors/thyristors


ELCO SYSTEMS Hybrid Var Compensator (HVC) is the ultimate answer to power quality problems caused by waveform distortions, low power factor, voltage variations, voltage fluctuations and load unbalance for a wide range of segments and applications. 

Hybrid Var Compensator combine the technical advantages of AHF, ALB and SVG with the cost-effectiveness of conventional contactor or thyristor switched detuned filter capacitor banks to form an economical stepless real-time compensator with a single controller compared to a full SVG solutions. 

They combine different functions in a single device:
- Elimination of harmonic currents and voltages. 
- Power factor correction (lagging or leading). 
- Voltage variations (sags & swells) reduction. 
- Voltage fluctuations (flicker) mitigation. 
- Load balancing in three-phase systems. 
- Controlled & selectable harmonic generation.

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Hybrid Var Compensator

They are a high performance, compact, flexible, modular and cost effective type of ctive power filters (APF) that provide an instantaneous and effective response to power quality problems suitable for direct connection to low voltage (200 - 480 VAC) or high voltage (500 - 690 VAC) electric power system and 800VAC - 400kVAC.

They enable longer equipment lifetime, higher process reliability, improved power system capacity and stability, and reduced energy losses, complying with most demanding power quality standards and grid codes.

How HVC Works?

A Hybrid Var Compensator is a power electronics-based device connected in parallel with the load that requires harmonics mitigation. HVC works as a controlled current source providing any kind of current waveform in real time.

HVCs uses the capacitor bank steps to fulfil the most capacitive reactive power needs of the system while AHF and SVG will take care of the extra continuous compensation needed (capacitive or inductive). At the same time, they can filter out the harmonics of the system, reduce voltage variations, mitigate flicker and balance the loads.


Elco System HVC Advantages

Stepless real-time compensation device formed by AHF/SVG and a contactor or thyristor switched conventional detuned filter capacitor bank.
1. Elimination of Harmonic Currents and Voltages
2. Harmonic Filtering
3. Voltage Variations (Sags & Swells) Reduction
4. Load Balancing in 3 Phase Systems
5. Controlled & Selectable Harmonic Generation


Typical Applications

HVCs have many low and high voltage potential applications where their use offers many benefits.

⦿ Equipment using variable frequency & speed drives (VFD & VSD)
⦿ Arcing devices: Electric arc furnances (EAF), discharge-type lighting (fluorescent, sodium     vapor and mercury vapor) and arc welders. 
⦿ Switch mode power supplies: Computers, TVs, battery chargers, LED lightings, PLC, etc. 
⦿ UPS systems. 
⦿ Solar Inverters and wind turbine generators. 
⦿ Modulated phase controllers, cycloconverters and thyristor-controlled AC voltage regulators. 
⦿ Saturable/rotating devices: Induction heaters, transformers, generators, reactors and motors. 
⦿ Installations with fast changing reactive power demand or highly dynamic loads like ball mills.
⦿ Correction of leading power factor like in data centers allowing back-up generators operation.
⦿ Railway electrification systems: Trains & trams.
⦿ Loads with low power factor: Motors, cables, lightly loaded transformers, lighting, etc.