Uninterrupted Power Quality System (UPQ)

The Next Generation Uninterrupt Power Supply with PQ in mind

Uninterrupted Power
                Quality System (UPQ)

Uninterrupted Power Quality System (UPQ)

UPQ is a marriage of a UPS and a AHF and it gives you the functionality of both. It performs normally as a AHF most of the time and can switch into power protection mode that performs like a UPS when transient sag (0...1 p.u) is detected. Operation of a UPQ in power protection mode is activated when voltage falls outside of +/- 10% of 1 p.u. and brings the supply voltage to within +/- 10%. 

UPQ connects in parallel to the load and maximum losses is limited to 1.5%.

In power quality mode, the UPQ functions exactly like a AHF and cleans harmonics in the supply lines.

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Uninterrupted Power
                    Quality System (UPQ)

UPQ –Main components: 

1. Static switch
• Separates system from faulty network

2. Inverter module
• Produces output currents and voltages

3. Control system
• Controls the Inverter module
• Detects faults in the network

4. Energy storage
• Provides active power when needed
• Batteries or super capacitors

Uninterrupted Power
                    Quality System (UPQ)

UPQ – Customized Power Protection System 

UPQ comes by default with Ultra Capacitors (UC)/Super Capacitors which provides excellent protection for short-term interruptions. However, UPQ solution can be tailored for applications
requiring power protection for extended periods of time.

UPQ Solution can be designed for applications requiring power back up of minutes with the use of Lithium-Titanate (LTO) Batteries as energy storage media. However, if the power protection is needed for even longer period of time, Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries will be an ideal energy storage media.

Uninterrupted Power Quality (UPQ)  has two operation modes. In secured supply conditions, it operates in power quality mode, performing active filtering of harmonic distortions as well as load balancing and flicker mitigation. When it detects a voltage sag or power outage in the supply network, it shifts to power protection mode to protect against critical loads. UPQ is available from low up to medium voltage levels. 

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Uninterrupted Power
                    Quality System (UPQ)

Power Protection Mode

In the event of power outages or voltage sags, the UPQ activates power protection mode. During this mode, real active power and real reactive power are provided to the loads, ensuring complete immunity to the mission critical processes from utility power interruptions, voltage sags and swells. This guarantees maximum system availability and reliability for mission critical processes.

Uninterrupted Power
                    Quality System (UPQ)

Power Quality mode

After the fault is cleared, UPQ returns to its normal power quality operation mode, where it actively filters harmonic distortions up to 50th order, mitigates flicker, balances loads, improves power factor and controls voltage.



Unlike conventional UPS systems, UPQ does not limit the short circuit current. Therefore Ik’(S) equals Ik’(L). This unique feature enables Direct On Line (DOL) motor starting and is further improved by UPQ’s real time reactive power compensation.
Since the short circuit current is not limited, also the selectivity of the fuse protection downstream from the UPQ’s main bus operates like in the systems connected directly to the grid.

Typical Applications

UPQ have many low and high voltage potential applications where their use offers many benefits.

⦿ Installations with fast changing reactive power demand like electric arc furnaces and ball mills.
⦿ Highly dynamic loads where the power factor fluctuates rapidly or in big steps like cranes, sawmill machinery, welding machines, etc. 
⦿ Correction of leading power factor like in data centers allowing back-up generators operation.
⦿ UPC systems.
⦿ Solar inverters and wind turbine generators. 
⦿ Railway electrification systems: Trains & trams
⦿ Loads with low power factor: Motors, cables, lightly loaded transformers, lighting, etc

Uninterrupted Power
                Quality System (UPQ)

Uninterrupted Power Quality (UPQ) maintain your consistant supply of power with improvement in power quality.